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Energy Bar - Banana Cinnamon

Energy Bar - Banana Cinnamon

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Enjoy the sweetness of sweet banana paired with the full flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon. The Vietnamese answer to banana bread. For the crunch we added pumpkin seeds and puffed brown rice. Allergen-free and vegan.

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Dried banana (51%), prunes, pumpkin seeds, puffed rice, peanuts, brown rice syrup, cinnamon (0.5%), tapioca flour, sunflower lecithin, vitamin E, salt, citric acid

Ingredients you can spell.

Lecka Nutrition System

Ideal shortly before or during your training or competition.

We recommend testing our products extensively to find the right amount and the right time to take them.

All Bananas

Dried bananas are a concentrated source of natural carbohydrates.

Dried bananas contain electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and sodium, which are important for muscle function and fluid regulation.

100 grams of dried bananas contain about 780 milligrams of potassium. This corresponds to about 20% of the recommended daily potassium requirement for adults.

Customer Reviews

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Banana Cinnamon blast of comforting taste and smell ! Yummy

Just tried the Banana Cinnamon blast, and I'm in love! 😍🍌✨ It's the perfect combo of comforting taste and that oh-so-delicious aroma of cinnamon. And I must mention it's only 150 calories 😲💪 Real dried banana and those crunchy pumpkin seeds give it a wholesome, satisfying crunch. Yummy is an understatement - it's an absolute treat for the taste buds! 🤤💛 #SnackTimeDelight Thank you Lecka !!! I took a few photos and usually on my last bite i would be craving for more - but my breakfast munchies have been squashed - Xin Cam on !!!!!!!!!

This is the most perfect teachers snack on the go..... 🤤💛 🤤💛 🤤💛 🤤💛

Tu Thiên Huỳnh

Energy Bar - Banana Cinnamon


Great taste and quality product


Super fast delivery.