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Lecka was founded by Markus, a passionate trail runner, and a bunch of other outdoor athletes in Vietnam. They had the vision to come up with healthy snacks while being eco-friendly to nature. this picture shows Markus with Tan Hi, another top runner

Developed by the running community

The Lecka story began in autumn 2019, when our German founder Markus, himself a successful trail runner, moved to the highlands of Vietnam to train for his ultra marathons.

He quickly realized that extremely fresh and natural ingredients from the immediate area could be used for nutrition in endurance sports.

After two years of joint testing and development with the regional running scene, the first Lecka products came onto the market in 2022.

The concept:

Natural and above all delicious sports nutrition, sustainable supply chains in Southeast Asia and top quality.

Right in the middle there instead of just

Whether in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Denmark, California or Germany, we are always at the heart of the sports community.

We work closely with clubs, events and athletes. We simply cannot do otherwise.

We believe this is the only path to long-term success.

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