Sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging

We are part of a movement to improve the packaging industry.

Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean worldwide. With 730,000 tons of plastic waste entering the ocean every year, Vietnam is currently ranked fourth in the world in terms of plastic waste. 500 years is too long for decomposition.

Make a difference

For our bar products, we use home-compostable packaging consisting of three layers: paper, metallized cellulose and bioplastic derived from corn starch.

It has the ability to decompose into CO2, H2O and organic waste within 18 months without leaving any harmful residues.

Nobody is perfect, we continue to develop

Finding a balance between shelf life, less food waste and sustainable packaging is not easy (it took us two years to figure it out!).

The industry is constantly innovating, and so are we. We continue to test materials and learn about better packaging.