More Protein. Less Sugar.

Get Your Daily Protein Intake

14 grams of protein. No sugar added. A Protein Bar Southeast Asia has been waiting for.

Our Protein Bars

A protein bar that has the right macronutrients and also tastes great. Wow!

Lecka Protein Bar

We looked around the markets in Southeast Asia and just couldn’t find a protein bar that gives us the appropriate macro nutrition and also tastes delicious. We had to do something about this.

After a lot of experiments and testing, we came up with our Protein Bar concept:

14 Grams Of Protein

The protein content comes from protein powder and nuts. 14 grams of protein are enough to add it to a healthy diet, but also not too much. Who likes a bloated stomach anyway? For the Chocolate Macadamia flavour we are using Whey Protein powder, for Salted Peanut it is a vegan Fava Bean & Pea Protein blend.

No Sugar Added

Instead of adding refined sugar, we have decided to sweeten our protein bars with isomalt – a non-calorie sweetener that is considered food safe and does not spike your blood sugar. All the sugar in our bars are natural (e.g. from the nuts).

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Just like our Energy Bars, the we use compostable packaging for our Protein Bars. If it is disposed appropriately (e.g. organic waste), it breaks down within 18 months into biomass, CO2 and H2O.

The Protein Bar is ideal as a post-workout snack to help replenish your body with amino acids.