Vietnam, 2020

Once upon a time…

Just kidding, we are not that old. Summer 2020, the world is challenged by the first COVID-19 wave, a few trail runners in Vietnam start to test various Vietnamese ingredients as nutrition for their training and racing. They were looking for better alternatives to what they can find in the shops. Turns out, Vietnam has pretty much everything to offer to fuel active lifestyles with healthy and nutritious food.

So, we go started!

Ho Chi Minh City, 2021

Testing recipes & packaging

For over 12 months, we tested over 400 different recipes to really get down to the key flavours that sports people would enjoy. We eventually settled on ‘Mango Coconut’ and ‘Cacao Jackfruit’ for our Energy Bar line.

Additionally, we digged deep into the appropriate packaging that would give enough shelf life and is as much eco-friendly as possible (for 6 months we used banana leaves).

hanoi, 2022

Laying the foundation

With the two flavours and the right packaging in place, we got to work and moved into our own factory just outside Hanoi. The machines arrived, and we got to work to launch our Energy Bars in the Vietnam market in February 2022.

Shortly after, we started to export to Singapore and Hong Kong.

Owning our own factory helped us to get off the ground while ensuring high quality.

Asia, 2023

Expanding in products and markets

As we were launching new markets across Southeast Asia (Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia), we also listened to our customers. It got clear we need to deepen our product portfolio in the endurance sport. Something is brewing.

Looking ahead into 2024, we are excited to deepen our relationships with our suppliers and partners in order to grow sustainably.