Low in sugar & Crunchy

The Low Sugar Social Snack

The perfect granola snack for the family, friends and on-the-go. No-guilt snacking made easy.

Our Granola Bites

Nutty, crunchy and not too sweet. The perfect addition to your active lifestyles.

Lecka Granola Bites

After selling functional nutrition for some time, we felt it was time for something less sweet that can be enjoyed throughout the day, and not just during sports.

The Granola Bites were born. And not just any type of Granola, but one with yummy Asian flavours.

The concept is straight forward:

Asian Flavours

Asia has so many amazing, unique and healthy flavours – they got to be honoured. Our Granola Bites come in various flavours that are all home to the diverse Asian cuisine. Whether it is bitter Japanese Matcha or dark Vietnamese Coffee, have you covered.

Less Sugar. More Crunch.

‘This is not too sweet’. A typical compliment in Asia for a healthy snack. We are only using a few drops of Coconut Nectar to give it a rich sweetness. No refined sugar has been added.

A grand selection of nuts and seeds make the Bites a crunchy and nutty treat.

Recyclable Packaging

Unlike 99% of snack packaging that is using a mix of various multi-layer materials, we have chosen a single layer packaging material that can be recycled for 100%.

It ensures that the product stays fresh and the crunchiness last for some good time.